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Caravan and Motorhome Memorabilia Greeting/Post Cards

Back in 1999 I had an idea of producing greeting cards especially for the caravan and motorhome market. A further two years down the line and I had the start of the watercolour range of A5 greeting cards. These were classic tourers from the 20’s and 30’s. These proved popular so postcards of theses designs were produced. Then cam the motorhome classic scenes too then the “off the wall black and white postcard series” were launched. Then the first Calendar was produced for 2003 called classic caravanning – using images from the original cards.

By 2005 the calendar had gained a following and also it had grown to an A4 format using classic caravanning pictures from the past By 2009 J Salmon the well known publishers approached me with a view to taking over the calendar and also distributing it to a wider audience. From 400 copies a year by 2011 this had risen to 2,500! I was also asked to supply Salmons with the images for their camping and caravanning recipe books in 2008 which sell thousands of copies a year! Later in 2012 I hope to be adding some new designs so keep checking the website.

Andrew Jenkinson

We are looking for a distributor at present but the cards can be ordered direct from me by e-mailing or by phone. Check cards and prices.

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